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Thursday August 13 2020


The Microcell is a bolt-on, strain gauge sensor that produces an electrical output proportional to the changes in weight of a vessel. In most applications, these vessels are better known as silos. Bolt-on sensors were created to be a total weighing solution for the control and management of bulk inventory. Bolt- on weighing systems are best suited for inventory monitoring on single bins resting on several vertical legs, where each leg can be instrumented. These sensors are made in a variety of sizes for different environments and capabilities. Bolt- On systems can be applied to make almost any vessel into its own scale, but the leg supported, beam supported, and skirt supported vessels are the most common.

On the leg supported vessels, sensors bolt directly to H- beam, pipe, or angle- iron supports. No modification or lifting is necessary.

Sensors bolt directly to the horizontal support beams on beam supported vessels. This placement allows for measurement of weight in multiple vessel arrangements with common vertical supports.

Skirted silos are affected by both temporary and seasonal environmental changes. These changes cause the silo to expand and contract, often losing its basic shape. Sensors bolt directly to skirt panels on skirt supported vessels. This placement allows measurement of weight in silos with either riveted or welded panels.

The Bolt-on Microcell Sensor weighing system has become the preferred means of inventory monitoring in large storage vessels, or silos. Long term stability and measuring accuracies on the order of 1 percent can be achieved. Depending on the type of vessel you are using to store your goods, the placement of each cell in your weighing system is key to its success.

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