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Monday August 17 2020


Inventory management of bulk solids or powders in a bin or silo can be difficult due to several factors. Some factors include the properties of the material and dust produced during filling and emptying the vessel.

Continuous level devices can make inventory of bulk solids simpler. In this environment, air is subject to powder, dust and steam particles. Continuous level measurement products monitor the level of material in a vessel continuously as it rises and falls. A variety of technologies are available, such as guided wave radar, cable and weight, through-air radar and ultrasonic. Time, money and labor can is wasted if the wrong measurement tool is used for inventory in this application.

Bindicator’s MP Series radar transmitter measures dry bulk material without contact. It operates by monitoring the time it takes for an emitted microwave pulse to travel from the surface of the material back to the meter. The MP series converts time into distance. It is then translated into a level measurement. This technology can focus on the actual level of the material in your bin while ignoring particles in the air. The MP Series is ideal for challenging applications where dust or steam would usually interfere.

The MP Series has several features that enables it to excel in powder and bulk solid inventory management. Some of its top features are display, signal to noise ratio, longer measuring distance and easy installation. The MP series radar has a liquid crystal display for easy reading, data configuration and troubleshooting. High signal-to-noise ratio means that it performs well in dusty environments such as grain, ash and cement applications. Also, this radar measures up to 230 feet or 70 meters which is just the right distance, even for some of the tallest silos. Installation of the MP series is simple and does not need trained technical personnel to complete the set up because it is pre-configured.

Bindicator’s MP series is the secret to inventory management in powder and dust applications. While you may not be able to rid your bin of particles in the air, you can find measurement tools that work around them. The MP Series air radar transmits at a frequency of 78 GHz with a narrow beam angle of 4 degrees. With consistency and accuracy unmatched by competitors, you will not regret implementing the MP series.