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Smart Logistics Planning

Maximising ROI Through More cost efficient and greener Logistics planning

How MySilo Eliminates Empty Miles and Boosts Revenue

Maximise your revenue, plan your deliveries more accurately, and eliminate empty miles with MySilo, our unique browser-based silo monitoring platform.

The average silo sees approximately 150 deliveries per year - but how many of those deliveries are being utilised to their fullest potential? With half-full tankers, wasted journeys, and increased carbon footprints at stake, even one miscalculated delivery journey to or from your silo can result in lost revenue and production downtime and increase your carbon footprint.

MySilo makes sure every delivery is worthwhile and can save you and your supplier money.

Eliminate Empty Miles

MySilo delivers accurate real-time level data 24/7, allowing you to organise your deliveries with customizable alerts or visible graphics to eliminate empty miles and wasted journeys in your supply chain. Thanks to MySilo's volume data, not only can you ensure you're organising the relevant sized tanker and load size for your delivery, you can completely avoid downtime and production losses and returning product that is unable to fit in your receiving silo.

Optimise Your Logistics

Taking the guesswork out of your deliveries for a logistics planner is essential to fully utilize a vehicle. A fully utilized vehicle will bring cost savings whether you are running your own fleet or for a supplier’s fleet as fuel makes up on average 30 to 40% of HGV costs. MySilo helps you facilitate your products in/waste out logistics with accurate 24/7 volume data, helping you schedule your deliveries for optimum efficiency.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

We know that many plants and organisations have carbon footprint accreditations and policies in place which can be negatively affected by inefficient deliveries.

HGV movements make up on average 30% of the total emissions emitted per annum in the UK. The new most fuel efficient HGV vehicles can still consume a gallon of diesel every 7 to 8 miles. On an average journey of 200 miles HGVs will use around 28 gallons of fuel and emit 330 Kgs of CO2 to atmosphere.

With MySilo, you can make sure each delivery is optimised to its fullest potential, eliminating empty tanks and extra delivery journeys and unnecessary miles.

Make Night Deliveries Easier

Night deliveries are quicker, more convenient and often more cost-efficient - but the inconvenience of needing to be physically on-site to check and monitor silo levels before, during and after is a major obstacle. With MySilo, there’s no need to be physically present - real-time browser-based data makes it possible to monitor your silo’s volume from anywhere, at any time.

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