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Silo Health and Safety Assessments

Ensure your silo(s) are safe for the people working on your site

If not properly managed and maintained, silos can present a significant health and safety risk and it is important as a silo operator to know what these are and take appropriate action to remedy any issues.

We offer a complete silo health and safety assessment and will also assess all equipment related to it. These surveys are completed by one of our NEBOSH qualified advisors who will perform and in-depth review of the site.

We always recommend this assessment is done before the silo is used. If an incident has occurred, an assessment should also be conducted to ensure the silo is safe for all those operating it in the future.

The following list contains just some of the things we include:

  • The condition of the silo and all related equipment
  • The environment surrounding the silo(s) including ground condition
  • Safety alarm performance and suitability checks
  • Labelling of items such as input pipes
  • Any risks associated with the items being stored in the silo(s)
  • Obstacles and height restrictions for operators loading and unloading the silo
  • Pedestrian risk
  • Training and operating processes

Once the survey is completed, we will offer our independent opinion on areas of concern or possible changes that could be made to ensure the safety of all those working alongside the silo.

We have a strong working relationship with multiple suppliers that means we are able to supply and install additional or replacement parts to have your silo(s) meeting the highest possible levels of health and safety standards.

If you’re interested in learning about the prevention of storage silo overpressurisation during road tanker deliveries of non-explosive powders, check out this great guide published by the Mineral Products Association.