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Silo Cleaning and Evacuation

Minimise downtime with our quick and effective silo evacuation services, including powerful industrial vacuum extraction (Disab), mobile bagging services, and gyro whip cleaning - complete with options for collection and delivery of product.

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We know that in order to keep your silos efficient and prevent blockages or contamination, silo evacuation services are a necessary part of both planned and emergency maintenance. That's why our industry-leading silo evacuation services are available all over the UK.

Industrial Vacuum Extraction

Ideal for evacuation from vertical silos, powder tankers and vessels, our industrial vacuum extraction services come with dust-free discharging options for clean and simple transfers of product.

Mobile Bagging Units

Our mobile bagging units can be used anywhere for easy silo evacuation. Able to transfer up to 1000kg of powder from tankers to bulk bags, mobile bagging is an efficient way to ensure you retain usable product from your silo after evacuation.

Introducing a Safer, Easier Silo Cleaning System

Maintaining your silo for maximum capacity and ongoing efficiency is easier than ever, thanks to our powerful silo cleaning system.

Working at height or in a confined space is statistically one of the biggest causes of fatal injuries and accidents in the agricultural and industrial sectors - but with our complete silo cleaning system, it’s now possible to completely evacuate and clean your silo while maintaining a safe working environment.

We begin every silo cleaning with our powerful industrial vacuuming (DISAB) process, which effortlessly removes all liquids, powders and granules - which can then be either disposed of by us, or added back into your system for cost-efficient re-use.

With a clever air whip design, our silo cleaning system is ideal for built-up product, quickly and efficiently removing blockages and build-up to restore your silo to complete capacity. And with its industry-leading safe design, there's no need for personnel to enter vessels, allowing for easy, convenient cleaning.

Because we use air rather than hydraulics, we avoid contaminating your silo with oil - making our industry-leading whip system safer, faster, and effective against all kinds of materials - including food product.

We offer a wide variety of cleaning heads, including ATEX safe options, making our versatile system able to tackle any silo it encounters.

Get in touch with us for efficient silo cleaning - available anywhere in the UK.

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