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Measuring Liquids in a Silo

Combating Sound Issues Within Your Liquid Silo


Accurate readings for liquids in silos are essential when it comes to maximising revenue - but distance-based measuring systems don’t always deliver the most accurate readings.

Distance-based measurement systems like ultrasonic and wave radar use sound to measure the volume of a silo - but in locations where other noises can interfere with the readings, this leads to inaccurate readings, with lost revenue as a result.

Strain gauges measure the true weight of a silo, ensuring that outside sound cannot interfere with the reading. And with our cost-effective MySilo web platform, it's now possible to monitor the level of your silo from any Smartphone, tablet or computer, at any time and from anywhere in the world. Strain gauges can be both installed to new silos and retrofitted to existing silos by our expert team, along with every other part of your new industry-leading silo measuring system.

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