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Monday October 12 2020

Easier Waste In/Waste Out Deliveries for Grimsby Operations

When waste management and recycling facility Grimsby Operations contacted us, they were looking for a more efficient way to run their regular waste in/waste out deliveries.

Waste in/waste out deliveries are an essential part of operations for businesses like Grimsby Operations, but the guesswork of how much they could deliver in and out was leading to lost revenue, repeat journeys, and production downtime.

We fitted one of our unique MySilo level management devices to the client’s silo, enabling 24/7 volume monitoring from anywhere in the world, at any time.

Because the cost of each waste in/waste out delivery was static (at approximately £425 per journey) regardless of how much the tanker was carrying, it was essential for our client to maximise the load for each journey.

Because MySilo gives real-time volume measurements and alerts, it’s now possible for our client to make completely informed decisions when planning and scheduling deliveries. The silo’s volume can be checked and monitored in real-time, allowing our client to schedule deliveries when the tank is full and arrange for tankers of optimum size – rather than losing revenue on half-full tankers due to guesswork.

By streamlining deliveries – allowing for just one journey instead of two – MySilo made it possible for our client to eliminate empty miles in the supply chain, resulting in significant revenue gains.

And thanks to the reduced journeys, our client has seen an unexpected benefit: the reduction of their carbon footprint, allowing them to continue to meet valued sustainability targets and remain under the carbon emission quota.

With MySilo’s accurate readings, our client was also able to reduce loads by using larger tankers and carrying 26 tonnes rather than 16. Instead of scheduling a waste in/waste out delivery nine times in two weeks – whether there was APCr or not – our client reduced to five loads over two weeks, maximising the payload and saving £44,200 annually.

Grimsby Operations is not the only silo site using MySilo for improved revenue and better returns on investment: find out how MySilo is maximising revenue through better logistics.