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Thursday November 11 2021

What Does a Strain Gauge Do?

What is a strain gauge? When pressure is applied to a stationary object, two forces are at play – stress and strain. Stress is the resisting force of the object which can be considered ‘push back’, and strain is the extent to which the object is displaced or deformed by the force. Strain can be […]

Tuesday October 12 2021

Silo Servicing – How to Keep your Silo Fully Functioning

As onsite, bulk storage solutions containing vital materials, silos are integral to your business operations. Silo breakdown, or worse still complete failure, can therefore have severe and costly consequences. It is for this reason regular servicing is essential. That way, potential issues can be detected and sorted out before they become big problems or expensive, […]

Thursday September 9 2021

Silo Overfill Protection – How to Avoid a Potential Disaster

Damage to silos occurs most commonly during the refilling process. Without silo filling protection, the risk of overfilling is significant and can lead to a number of problems. Such problems include the release of product into the atmosphere. Not only does this represent a financial loss for the silo owner, but there is also the […]

Wednesday August 18 2021

What can be Stored in a Silo? A Complete Overview

Silos are designed to store bulk materials and keep them secure and away from the elements. They are used in a range of industries to store many different types of material. The size and shape of a silo is generally dictated by the type of industry it is employed in and the type, weight and […]

Friday July 2 2021

How to Clean a Silo – Systems, Methods & Equipment

Silo cleaning and why it is important Ensuring that your silos are clean is the key to making sure they are functioning correctly. A build up of debris over time can lead to clogging or a complete blockage in a silo, preventing the flow of material inside, be it cement, oil, grain, flour, chemicals or […]

Saturday November 21 2020


Minsterport are pleased to introduce the all new M260S Load Cell Amplifier and Digital Display unit.

Monday October 12 2020

Easier Waste In/Waste Out Deliveries for Grimsby Operations

When waste management and recycling facility Grimsby Operations contacted us, they were looking for a more efficient way to run their regular waste in/waste out deliveries. Waste in/waste out deliveries are an essential part of operations for businesses like Grimsby Operations, but the guesswork of how much they could deliver in and out was leading […]

Monday September 28 2020


For 30 years Minsterport has provided quality instrumentation goods for control and process solutions.

Monday August 31 2020


The Roto-Bin-Dicator® PRO paddle wheel is a true fail-safe device that is able to perform complete self-diagnostics in and out of material, compared to other devices that only provide diagnostics when the paddle is out of material.

Monday August 17 2020


Inventory management of bulk solids or powders in a bin or silo can be difficult due to several factors. Some factors include the properties of the material and dust produced during filling and emptying the vessel.