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Thursday June 9 2022

When should you use radar measurement in your silo?

“This is the crux of it, how can you best measure the true weight in your silo?”, asks Minsterport business manager Peter Widdowson. “Radars can be good in the right setting, but the reality is they can be a lot less accurate.” Silos are critical to any production process and it is vital operators know […]

Monday March 21 2022

Silo blockages and how to prevent them

Silos are the beating heart of any production or manufacturing process, supplying the materials, chemicals and ingredients needed to continually deliver consistency and quality. As a result, when something goes wrong with a silo, it can have far-reaching and costly consequences throughout the manufacturing and production process. While the operation of silos may seem simple, […]

Wednesday March 2 2022

Radar Silo Level Measurement Explained

Radar technology was first used to measure liquid levels in large containers during the 1970s. Although it was successful, it was costly and therefore not widely adopted. However, by the early 2000s, more advanced, higher frequency radar had been developed, and the technology had become cheaper, leading to a resurgence of interest in it as […]

Wednesday March 2 2022

Ultrasonic Silo Level Measurement – a Guide

Mention ultrasonic and the first thing you’re likely to think about is bats. Love ‘em or hate ‘em, those clever winged beasts, the world’s only truly flying mammal, use sound to navigate in a technique called echolocation. Of the more than 900 species of bat worldwide, more than half rely on echolocation to detect and […]

Wednesday March 2 2022

Laser Silo Level Measurement Explained

Many industries rely on the bulk storage of raw materials used in manufacturing production, such as food processing, chemicals, and construction. However, around 80 per cent of companies using silos continue to employ manual level measurement, with staff climbing to the top of a silo to estimate the volume of material within. This process is […]

Friday January 28 2022

How to Measure Silo Levels by Product Type

Silos are used to store a range of different products. For effective silo management, it’s essential to be able to measure the amount of material in a silo. This can be done manually or by radar, laser, ultrasonic, or weight. The exact method chosen depends on a range of different factors. Silo Measuring methods Manual […]

Thursday November 11 2021

What Does a Strain Gauge Do?

What is a strain gauge? When pressure is applied to a stationary object, two forces are at play – stress and strain. Stress is the resisting force of the object which can be considered ‘push back’, and strain is the extent to which the object is displaced or deformed by the force. Strain can be […]

Tuesday October 12 2021

Silo Servicing – How to Keep your Silo Fully Functioning

As onsite, bulk storage solutions containing vital materials, silos are integral to your business operations. Silo breakdown, or worse still complete failure, can therefore have severe and costly consequences. It is for this reason regular servicing is essential. That way, potential issues can be detected and sorted out before they become big problems or expensive, […]

Thursday September 9 2021

Silo Overfill Protection – How to Avoid a Potential Disaster

Damage to silos occurs most commonly during the refilling process. Without silo filling protection, the risk of overfilling is significant and can lead to a number of problems. Such problems include the release of product into the atmosphere. Not only does this represent a financial loss for the silo owner, but there is also the […]

Wednesday August 18 2021

What can be Stored in a Silo? A Complete Overview

Silos are designed to store bulk materials and keep them secure and away from the elements. They are used in a range of industries to store many different types of material. The size and shape of a silo is generally dictated by the type of industry it is employed in and the type, weight and […]